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Red Butler Glass Container Jars 250 ML with Bamboo Wood Lid - Airtight Canister Set for Contain Flour, Sugar and Other Kitchen Component, Long-lasting Food Fresher Jar

Product Code : GB25A1
MRP : 495/-

Dimension :

250 ML

Pack Content

2 Piece -250 ML Containers


Bamboo Fibre


  • BAMBOO LID GLASS JAR: Glass storage Bamboo Fibre Lid containers are BPA-Free, leak-proof air tight containers and secure-fitting lids.Sensible style for Kitchen Shelves & allows you to see what is inside and easily monitor whether your food has run out.
  • AIRTIGHT GLASS CANISTER: An Airtight and Moisture-Proof Atmosphere is created by the bamboo lid sealing ring, which keeps out air and keeps the contents dry. Elimination of dust and other small insects enables you to fill the bottle and preserve the contents for a long period.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION BAMBOO LID: The Original Bamboo hardwood lid has a faint smell that doesn't interfere with use. Airing several times will disappear.
  • STRONG SEALING: The Silicone Sealing Ring and bamboo lid provide an airtight atmosphere to keep the contents dry by keeping out air. Safe for dishwashers, hand washing is advised. Without the bamboo lid a microwave is safe to use.
  • DIVERSE STORAGE: Glass jars with bamboo lids are ideal for storing a variety of foods - Including pasta, tea, coffee, beans, cereal, flour, sugar, rice, almonds, dried fruits, herbs, spices, biscuits and more. Suitable not only for dried contents but also for liquid, such as, fruit vinegar & honey.

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